“We’re all about LIVING a life that feels good MOST of the time.” -Mayra McCullough

During the past 6 years we have discovered:


Achieving integration of body, mind and spirit is a key component to optimal health. When we connect the dots between our physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies, we embody integration.


Feeling connected to the world around us involving time, nature and people is a crucial component to experiencing wholeness. Our community living stays and experiences facilitate what we call the Co-Creative Matrix.


The HOME is an ideal classroom to assimilate foundations of well-being because is here where LIFESTYLE is designed and expressed.Our intention is to inspire you to bring these practices to YOUR home. The first HOME we are freely given is our body.

What Makes Us Eco-Friendly?

• The architectural design by famous architects Marmol & Radziner

intends to bring the outdoors inside the house by using earthy elements.

The minimal square footage prioritizes the backyard as a living space.

• Sustainable architecture projects in the property

- Geodesic Dome: $6,000 to build

- RV turned-tiny-house: $7,000 to purchase and fix

- Hybrid Cob Cottage: $700 to build (work in progress)

• We have identified and are learning to harvest 7 plants:

- Olives - Chaya

- Aloe - Dandelion

- Acorns - Strawberries

• We are currently developing a compost system in order to amend the clay-heavy soil of our land.

• We don’t use plastic cups, bottles, plastic utensils or paper plates.

• We share our home with others to make it self-sustaining and enjoy our global community.

• We see ourselves as a complete intentional community; supporting, loving, and caring for one another.

• We are currently moving towards understanding how to tangibly save electricity, water and be able to grow our own food.