Share your Suburban Permaculture Skills

On 2017, C2E Villa was renamed as the Eco-Villa as a way to establish our intention to become an ecological lab of suburban permaculture ways. Committed to take baby steps every year, we welcome permaculture practitioners to show us the way of being wise stewards of our land. Our eco-friendly interest was sparked by the need to create economical structures around the property to provide more sheltered space. It all started with Eco-Villa's 22-year resident Mayra McCullough, when needing a studio for her private practice and the research and development phase of the non-profit she founded in 2011, Coach2Edify Foundation. A Geodesic Dome was the most economical and spacious solution, and she was hooked after that! Her passion for sustainable shelter grew and since then we have an RV turned to Community Kickback Compound, and a Cob Cottage Hybrid that will serve as an earthen Meditation Room.

Our current wishes to grow in our suburban permaculture lifestyle are:

-more agroforestry - water catching systems - energy reduction strategies - herb garden - acorn flour production - olive harvesting -

If you are willing to teach a workshop in one of these areas, please contact us to work out a win-win-win situation where you'll get paid, get more experience, we collaborate to bring participants together for $25-$35/person/day (depending on the project), and Eco-Villa pays for the project's expenses.